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Your Safety

A few changes have been implemented in accordance with the NYS Department of Health (DOH) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in response to the Covid-19 crisis and pandemic.  The purpose is to keep you physically and emotionally healthy - both of which are equally important to me as your provider. 


The following office policy has been implemented effective and since 3/23/2020:

  • You will need a mask to enter the building and attend your session.  If you are not wearing a mask, you will not be allowed in the building.  This is for your protection and the protection of others with a compromised immune systems.

  • There is no waiting room to decrease your risk to exposure.  Please come to your scheduled appointment at your scheduled time and not earlier.  This is to continue to avoid the practice of any unnecessary congregation(s) for multiple safety reasons.

  • The office is disinfected in between sessions.  This is to decrease any risks and for cleanliness.  This is in addition to regular daily office cleanings.

  • Hand-sanitizers are present and accessible anywhere to you in the office.

  • HEPA Air filter and purifier functions in the office during your session to keep the air clean, free of allergens, dust, etc.

  • Please dress warm (even in the summer time).  The temperature is kept between 68 - 72 degrees FahrenheitThis reduces suitability for bacteria/virus to develop for any reason.


The Office

The office is a beautiful and a safe place.  It is decorated to embody all of these elements inside: Safe, Relaxing, Spacious and Plant- Inspired, as possible. 

Located in the Fashion/ Garment District, bordering on Korea town, there are many good eats, city sightseeing opportunities (e.g., the Empire State Building just one block over), "window" shopping or otherwise (i.e., Macy's right in front of the office), or catch a self-care Broadway/Theater show (or a game/concert at Madison Square Garden) right after session.  The office is also 4 avenues up from the Hudson Yards, with the new "island," the Vessel, the Highline, and more shops/restaurants close by.


If you're interested and haven't had a chance to see old and new NYC sites, either because of the pandemic or because you may be new to the city, this is a good time to venture into something new but always safely.  In memory of this time experienced, those who offered their daily leadership and vigilance in NY during a monumentally scary and dark time.  And to all the souls who departed us and the souls afflicted in their loss, the motto during a very difficult time still remains: 

Stay NY Strong

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